8th Grade Graduation

Emma Ortiz, Reporter

The Class of 2020 will never forget their special celebration. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part of the year, and this year we were disappointed that we couldn’t all get together for one last goodbye. Thankfully, our wonderful staff decided to put together a drive-through graduation for our 8th graders. Here’s how it went.

First, all cars would line up and wrap around the building using the same route that our driveline would normally use. Cars were all decorated with window markers, balloons, and posters showing support for our graduates. They would then stop by a stand where they could collect their sanitized caps with their tassel. Farther down the line the next graduate would get on stage and show off their diplomas. There, people would cheer on and support them! Getting back in their car, teachers were cheering them on and congratulating them. It was truly a memorable day and a graduation unlike any other. 

It was extra special for multiple reasons. It is very important that people understand that they have support and people believe in them. Here, teacher’s, staff, and parents all showed our kids that not even a global pandemic would stop them from supporting their students. 

It  was also a privilege to us to be able to appear on 9News. Click this link to watch our preview!

Here is one final thank you to all of our staff for putting this together and to our teachers who have supported their students all these years. Congratulations 8th graders! We know you will do great in highschool and we will miss you all dearly.