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  • September 23Global COVID-19 Cases Reach Around 219 Million
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Recent Dragon Tales Stories

October Flash Fiction

October 14, 2021

“You take forever!” Isabella complained, banging on the door. “Hurry up, it's dark in like, 10...

Creative Writing Chapter 3

October 5, 2021

“Come onnnnn! Let’s go explore.” Macey jumped up and down, and started skipping towards the house....

Flash Fiction

October 4, 2021

Sam walked into the thrift shop, Buck trailing behind. A fedora in the front of the store immediately...

October Sports Update

Recent Sports Stories

Sports Update

September 7, 2021

Flagstaff sports have begun! Girls Volleyball had their first game on Monday the 30th. The A team...

Olympic Review

August 31, 2021

In the 2021 Olympic events there were a total of 339 medal events! USA got 113 medals, 39 of those were...

Paralympics 2021

August 31, 2021

The 2020 Paralympics are finally taking place in 2021. This is the 16th annual summer Paralympics. There...

Recent Opinion Stories

October 12, 2021

This month in October, I interviewed three students. The students interviewed were: Reese Watson-8th...

October Unpopular Opinions

October 12, 2021

“Butterflies are creepy” -Elyse Prestopnik “I think Olivia Rodrigo is overrated” -Gabby Haggerton “Different...

September Unpopular Opinions

October 12, 2021

“Anything mint is gross. EX: mint toothpaste, mint ice cream, mint candy, thin mints.” -Emily “Meat...

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