Poets Words – Fly Away

Avery Cotten, Reporter

I dedicate this to everyone. To everyone who is scared. Everyone who is worried. Everyone who feels like giving up. We are here for you. We will be okay. We will make it. We are in this together.

This year is coming to a close
I know you know this,
So do I
But this might not be so bad
If we can all
Learn to fly

Fly away
My little darling
Take a leap of faith
I swear to you
You’ll be okay,
Oh darling, just be brave

I know that change is coming
I know that they are leaving
I know the world feels like it’s coming down
I know you feel like giving up,
I know this jump feels scary
But if you take deep breaths, I promise you won’t drown

Fly away
My darling friend
Take a leap of faith,
F a l l i n g
F a l l i n g
Will help you fly away