Creative Writing – April

Creative Writing - April

Beep! Beep! Beep! 


“Ughhhh!” Giana groaned and rolled over, slamming the off button on her alarm. She rubbed her eyes, and slowly got out of bed. “Why is it so early?!” She meandered around her room, grabbing a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt, brushing her teeth, and doing everything to get ready. She trudged down the stairs, running into Zephyr at the base of the stairs. 


“Woah. Woah. You okay, darling?”


“Tired,” mumbled Giana.


“Well, at least you won’t be late!” 


“Yes I will. It’s already 7:56.”


“Um.. yeah, so about that… It’s actually only 6:56. I changed your alarm! Happy April Fools Day!” 


Giana slowly looked up at them, a scowl forming on her face. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”




She sighed, bringing a hand up to her forehead. “Okay,” she sighed, “At least I won’t be late. But you’re driving me.”


“Okay,” they chuckled.


They headed out and got in the car. Zephyr began driving, and they were almost to the house when Giana shouted, “OH EM GOSH! I forgot to eat breakfast this morning! And…” she gave a smug look, then continued, “There’s a Cream Café right there!” 


“Ugh. Quickly, otherwise you’re going to be late.” Zephyr parked in the parking lot and they headed inside. They were seated and ordered, just talking to pass the time.


Their coffee was delivered, and they enjoyed the sweetness coating their tongues as they talked. When Giana was almost finished, she checked the time, “Oh no. It’s eight o’clock! I have to be there in two minutes! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon! I already paid! Let’s go!”


They ran out the door, hopping back into the car and driving. Once they arrived, Giana was five minutes late. She knocked on the door, and the parents headed out while she waved goodbye to Zephyr. Then she met the kids inside.


“Hello guys! What do you want to do today?”


“The park! The park! The park!” Niki shouted.


“No. It’s supposed to be rainy today,” Oliver protested.


“Exactly,” Raven whispered. 


“How about we stay inside and play a few games, yeah?” Giana asked.


“Sounds good!” Oliver exclaimed.




They played multiple games, like Twister, Monopoly, Uno and many more! Then they got dinner and headed up for bed.


“What do you guys wanna have the story be about tonight?” Giana asked, settling down into an armchair.


“The Easter Bunny!” Niki giggled. 


“Ugh, whatever,” Oliver said. 


 “Well… The story began one dark, stormy, gloomy night…” Giana began, forebodingly.

“No! Not a scary story!” Niki shouted.


“Haha, okay Niki,” Giana laughed. “Well, the story began on a chilly afternoon. It was spring, but the temperature was only starting to warm up. The Easter Bunny was getting ready for his trip the next day to hide Easter eggs for children. Nobody knows why he began to do this, but it has been a tradition ever since. Now, in the village of Bunnysvill, there was always an annual contest of who could decorate the best Easter egg. All of the bunnies had different tactics, and the winner would get to join the Easter Bunny on his trip to the city to hide Easter eggs. Now Daisy was a young bunny who really wanted to win. She hopped around Bunnysvill to see everyone’s eggs. First she visited the woodsman bunny. He was making his egg completely out of wood, with intricate engravings. It was beautiful. ‘Why, Mr. Brown! This is incredible!” Daisy exclaimed. The woodsman smiled and thanked her. 


‘Are you planning on joining the contest, Daisy?’ He asked. 


‘Oh I don’t know. I don’t have many ideas.’ Daisy replied sadly. 


‘I’m sure you’ll come up with something,’ Mr. Brown chuckled. Daisy nodded and hopped away. Next she visited Mrs. Grace. She had been in the competition for over 50 years, so she was quite talented. This year, she was making a huge egg out of chocolate. It was elegant, smooth, and looked absolutely delicious. 


‘Wow. That’s so special!’ Daisy remarked. 


‘Why thank you, dear,’ Mrs. Grace replied, ‘What does yours look like?’


‘Oh, I haven’t started. I don’t think I’ll do very well…this is my first time after all.’ Daisy looked down. 


‘Don’t worry, you’ll do amazing!’ Mrs. Grace said cheerfully, ‘If you need any help, you know where to find me.’


Daisy bid farewell and hopped off. She went to another and another. All of them were beautiful and perfect. One was mechanical and could move and walk! Another was a painted design that was just lovely, and graceful in a way. There were so many! Most of them discouraged Daisy, even though everyone tried to make her feel good, she felt as if she could never be as good as them. Daisy decided to go clear her head, so she went to the forest. She was hopping around, hoping to stumble across inspiration, or an idea. Instead of that, Daisy discovered an egg encased in the soft moss near a tall oak tree. She looked up to find a nest, and realizing that the egg had fallen, she tried to get it back up. But no matter how high she jumped, she couldn’t even get close. It was a bird’s egg, and it seemed so hopeless. That was when she decided she would need to protect the egg. All night she sat on it, keeping it warm and sheltered. It was dark, freezing, and raining, but Daisy persevered. It was a long night. Daisy was shivering all the way ‘till morning; only then did it warm up and stop raining. Daisy finally got a little sleep in. But the short nap turned into a long one. When she woke up again, she noticed how high the sun had gotten. ‘Oh no!’ Daisy cried, ‘I am going to miss the Easter Egg Ceremony!’ Daisy hopped up, grabbed the egg in her paws, and carefully hopped her way back. When she arrived, she found out that it was almost over. The very last egg was being inspected by the Easter Bunny himself! Daisy slowly made her way back, disappointed. The Easter Bunny finished and was thinking very hard; trying to figure out a winner. But suddenly, the Easter Bunny looked right at Daisy! 


‘Hey! You there! What’s your name? I see you have an egg!’ He said. 


‘Uh…y-yes,” Daisy replied, “M-my name is Daisy.” 


‘May I see?’ The Easter Bunny asked. She handed it over. ‘Why, this…this is perfect! It represents kindness, and integrity, and perseverance, and life, and so much more!’ The Easter Bunny held the small egg up in the air, ‘This is the clear winner!’ 


The crowd erupted in cheers, and things like ‘Incredible!’ and ‘Wow!’ and ‘I knew you could do it!’ and ‘So proud of you!’ 


Daisy was shocked. But she smiled a wide grin. She stepped up onto the carriage-like car with her egg. She knew that by winning, she got to accompany and help the Easter Bunny for Easter! The Easter Bunny also hopped in, and began the journey, the other bunnies waving. 


On the way to the city, the cool air whipped across their faces. Daisy held her special egg tight. But then it moved. And jolted. And moved again! Daisy watched, fascinated, as a small beak broke through the shell. The Easter Bunny looked over, also in awe. The chick cracked open the egg. Chirped it’s first chirp. Daisy gasped. 


 ‘What a miracle!’ The Easter Bunny said with a smile,” Giana finished, “The End!” 

She was greeted with silence. And snores. Giana peeked at the kids. They were sound asleep. But gentle smiles were etched upon their faces. As she left the room and flicked off the dim lamp, Giana chuckled, and whispered; “Good Night.”