Creative Writing – Chapter 8

Creative Writing - Chapter 8

“GOLDIE LOCKS!” Macey yelled at the top of her lungs.

Norah opened the closet doors, and stepped into a world filled with woods. Charlie and Macey clamored out after her. When looking into the distance from the east, they could see a little cottage. Macey started sprinting towards the cottage, squealing, “C’mon! C’mon! C’mon!” Over and over again.

“Hold up Mace!” Charlie called.

“Hey, Macey, wait!” Norah shouted.

But Macey ignored both of them. She kept on running. Charlie and Norah began to chase after her. Macey was extremely fast for a nine year old. When Macey reached the cottage she squealed in delight and raced in through the open doors. “OMG THERE’S THE PORRIDGE!” She began, and raced into the next room, “…AND THE CHAIRS…” She sped upstairs, but caught herself before she yelled. Goldie Locks was laying there; sleeping.

Charlie and Norah raced in through the door after, completely out of breath. Panting. “Macey, what are you doing?” Norah whisper-hissed.

“Watching her.” Macey just stood there, leaning over slightly to get a good look at Goldie Locks. “Huh. She looks different then I thought she’d be…”

After a little while, Norah began, “Macey, it’s been three minutes, what are you doing? Why are you just standing there? Wh-”

“Shhhhhhhh!” Macey hushed her. Macey had a creepy stalkerish look on her face, which is probably why Goldie Locks screamed when she woke up. Or maybe the fact that there was a random person just standing there, staring at her while she slept. Charlie shivered at even the slightest thought of that.

“OH. MY- WHAT- I- YOU- AHH!!!” Goldie just panicked.

“Well, you are the intruder here, this isn’t even your house!” Norah said.

“…Well, is it yours?” Goldie Locks inquired.

“Well… No. But it’s the bear’s house.”

“BEARS!?!” Goldie screamed.

“Yes, and they’re about to barge in and eat you.” Macey smiled.

“Waersdtfguhijokhugtywuiduhegufsdk” Goldie Locks babbled and started to speak a ton of gibberish.

“So… Uh… You should probably like… leave… so you don’t… y’know, get eaten.” Charlie scratched the back of his neck.

Golding Locks hopped out of bed and out the window in one fluid motion. “ ‘Kay, thanks, bye!”

“We should probably go too.” Charlie said,

“But- shouldn’t we, I mean, the bears did nothing wrong… maybe we could help them too?” Macey asked quietly.

“What do you propose?” Norah asked.

“Umm, how about… let’s fix the chair!” Macey decided.

“Err, I mean, okay… But we have to hurry.” Charlie said. They quickly grabbed some supplies from outside. They had wood and nails and duct tape, because duct tape fixes everything. They got to work immediately. Soon, they fashioned a new leg, and stuck it to the chair. It was as good as new! Just a few finishing touches…

“Wait! Hush! Listen…” Norah whispered. “Hear that? I think the bears are coming back!”

“Uh-Oh,” Charlie said. “Let’s go!” They all raced back out of the house and to the closest just in time before the bears shoved through the doors of the cottage.

“Phew! That was a close one!” Charlie painted.

“Yeah, I know!” Norah replied.

“Where should we go next?” Macey asked.