Returning to Hybrid Opinions

Avalon Beltran, Reporter

We’re finally getting back into school with some exceptions and moving along with the community. So in the spirit I asked some middle school students their opinions on going back in person and here is what they said….


I am so excited to be back in school for the first time! I’m so excited to meet everyone for the first time. –Caroline C.

I am excited about going back to school! I think it will be very helpful to have some classes in person so we can learn better. I am also really excited to see my friends again! –Mira Clayborn

I like the mask system, the cohorts and the groups, although I believe the lunch system needs to be fixed. –Elijah T.

I really am excited to be back in school, but I wish we could be in school five days a week. I’m fine with the masks, and I’m excited to see everyone! –Susi B.

I like it for a change. For the past few months, I have only been talking with a few people and as an extravert it feels good to talk to other people. 

Something strange is that I know that I am in the oldest and literally tallest grade in the school, but it does not feel like it, since we do not see other grades. At that moment, I realised that I miss the passing periods. Above everything, Flagstaff has a great community of students that is intertwined through the grades, and passing period, with every grade walking past each other, was a big part of that. –Mark R.

I don’t really mind the masks, other than the fact that they hurt our ears a little. I think that the cohorts have their pros and cons, just like any system. I think that the lunch system worked really well, and I am just excited to be back in the building and seeing my friends! — Reese W.