The Effect of Covid-19 on Movies

Juliet Slater and Avalon Beltran

Covid-19 the world wide pandemic has sent millions into a new lifestyle and now it’s the new normal. During quarantine many people have been taking up different activities such as crafting gaming or binge watching old or new shows. It has also affected the film industry of movies, theaters, and production. Theaters are closed, and there are many movies that can’t be filmed due to the virus. and since theaters are closed release schedules have been changed. Over 80 movies have been delayed due to the coronavirus and many more to come.


Many different movie theaters in  states Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington have been ordered to close due to Covid-19. This has caused them millions of dollars and layoffs. Many businesses have adapted to these circumstances.


Different apps that use subscriptions including Disney plus, Netflix, and Hulu are releasing movies on their apps instead of in theaters. This is a great idea for many different reasons. Such as it will help the business keep making an income. Meaning, you will not have to spend money releasing it to theaters. Now the people with a subscription still get to see the movie from the safe of their own house. This is a great idea for many businesses during this time where many movie theaters are closed and income is slow.