September in History

Mark Rokhlenko, Editor In Chief

September 1st: The “Sun King” Louis the XIV of France died after ruling for 72 years on 1715. 

September 2nd: The Great Fire of London began in 1666. 

September 3rd: The Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783, granting the USA full independence.

September 4th: The island of Manhattan was discovered by Henry Hudson in 1609.

September 5th: Mother Theresa died in 1997.

September 6th: The Marquis de Laffayette was born in 1757.

September 7th: Brazil declared independence from Portugal in 1822.

September 8th: Louisiana Senator Huey Long was assassinated in 1935.

September 9th: Leader of Communist China, Chairman Mao Zedong died in 1976.

September 10th: The treaty of Saint-Germania was signed, officially ending the war with and dissolving the Austria-Hungarian Empire. 

September 11th: The September 11 terrorist attacks occured in 2001.

September 12th: Nikita Khrushchev was elected as leader of the communist party in the Soviet Union in 1953.

September 13th: WWI General John J. Pershing was born in 1860.

September 14th: Napoleon and his troops enter Moscow.

September 15th: Tanks were used in combat for the first time in 1916.

September 16th: The Mayflower set sail from England in 1620.

September 17th: The Battle of Antietam occurred in 1862, being the bloodiest day in US history.

September 18th: The US Air Force was declared as a separate military division in 1947.

September 19th: New Zealand became the first country to let women vote in 1893.

September 20th: The New York Stock Exchange was closed for the first time in 1873.

September 21th: People’s Republic of China was declared in 1949.

September 22th: US spy Nathan Hale is executed by British troops in 1776.

September 23th: Armenia declared Independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

September 24th: American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in 1869.

September 25th: The first American Newspaper was published in 1690.

September 26th: The first ever televised presidential debate aired in 1960.

September 27th: American Revolutionary Samuel Adams was born 1722.

September 28th: The Norman Conquest of England began in 1066. 

September 29th: The US army was created in 1789.

September 30th: The Berlin Airlift delivered food and supplies to West Berlin in 1949.