Interview with a Few

We interviewed several Flagstaff Academy Students to see their opinion on the upcoming school year and how their summers were. We interviewed Katherine Cui, Anna DeNicholas, and Parker Nelson. This is what they said:


What did you do over the summer?


Katherine Cui: “I danced, played video games, talked to friends, did too much homework, and drew.”


Anna DeNicholas: ”I went to a ton of horse shows and won a ton, Went on lots of bike rides with Mira C, and got to hang out with friends from the barn”


Parker Nelson: “I golfed a ton, played paintball, went to Georgia, Aspen, and I played Call of Duty.”


What do you think about starting the school year online?


Katherine Cui: ”I think that it’s the right way because kids don’t have self control and we need to not get sick in order for our regular lives to come back quicker.”


Anna DeNicholas: “I think that it will be difficult in the beginning and then everything will sort and become easier over time”


Parker Nelson: “It’s gonna be different and not as good as normal school” 


What is your #1 tip for online school?


Katherine Cui: “Know your schedule and keep track of time”


Anna DeNicholas: “Keep in touch with teachers and stay organized”


Parker Nelson:”Just work hard and not think about anything else.”