Wacky Words and Freaky Phobias

Catherine Omer, Reporter

Freaky Phobias

Nomophobia – (The fear of being without your phone) This phobia is usually developed  through addiction to your phone. People with this phobia experience anxiety when they don’t have their phone, low on battery, or it is not working.

Globophobia – (The fear of balloons) People that have this phobia usually experienced something traumatic with a balloon as a child or the fear of clowns. Globophobia ranges from having mild anxiety just seeing a balloon to having severe anxiety just seeing one on television.

Xanthophobia X- (The fear of the color yellow) We see the color yellow almost everywhere, but people with this phobia avoid it at every possibility. This phobia is linked to genetics or a traumatic event. People can experience all levels of anxiety.

Wacky Words

Collywobbles  – This uncommon word is used by someone to describe stomach pain/ache and queasiness. It can also be used when someone experiences intense anxiety or nervousness. 

Lollygag – The official dictionary definition for this word is when someone wastes time or messes around.

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