Journalism Transitioning to Online


Violet Oliver and Mark Rokhlenko, Current and Future Editors in Chief

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff of Flagstaff Academy,

The Journalism Spectrum has been the student-run newspaper of Flagstaff Academy for 11 years and counting. We are the only student-run, printed newspaper in the district, bringing local, relevant news in the hands of students in grades PreK-8. For the past decade, we have printed a 12 page paper monthly, with an average of 40 articles per issue. These have included real world events and updates, such as PTO events, NJHS and StuCo updates, and information on Flagstaff’s many clubs. We have also included many puzzles, games, and other fun activities to make the paper appeal to all audiences. 

We are excited to announce some upcoming changes to the Dragon Spectrum taking place in the fall of the 2020-2021 school year.  As the world is seemingly going digital, so are we.  We have recently launched our website, the Dragon Spectrum, the online student newspaper of Flagstaff Academy.  However, this does not mean the suspension of the printed newspaper.  We will still make 3-4 issues of the printed paper next year, and will mainly be geared toward younger students with the inclusion of more puzzles and activities.  The majority of our content will be online though.  This will permit us to report on news while it is going on, as well as the possibility of videos and podcasts.  This is a new endeavour for all of us, and we are ecstatic that we are going into the digital age. 

Current and Future Editors in Chief,

Violet Oliver and Mark Rokhlenko