Flash Fiction

Emma Ortiz, Reporter

The sound of my watch slowly drowns out my energy. It irritates me. Just like everything else around me. I’m told that I should enjoy the “beautiful” view in front of me. The soft, blue, flawless waves lightly spreading themselves across the sand. The perfect clear skies. I just can’t focus. Something isn’t letting me relax. It isn’t letting me enjoy the gorgeous view. My swimsuit is beginning to stick to my skin and the blinding light from the sun hovers over my sight. I feel my muscles tense up. All my thoughts disappear as I close my eyes and turn on my music. Opening my eyes once again, the music drowns out my worries. I dig my hands into the warm sand and just lay down. Taking a sip out of my strawberry lemonade, I let out a relieved sigh and become perfectly calm.