Monthly Debate

Mark Rokhlenko and Emma Ortiz, Reporters

Do you prefer online or real-life school?

Mark’s Argument: Ever since we got into this mess, it’s been obvious for everyone that school in real life is far better.  Sure, it’s clear that there is less work, and we don’t waste time at home that we would have wasted at school, but there are so many downsides to online school.  First of all, the lack of opportunities.  Flagstaff is special because it offers activities and opportunities for students from all ends of the spectrum.  From the after-school clubs to the lunchtime clubs, there is less to do.  Competitions can’t happen online as well, such as the Geography Bee.  That’s not even counting the fun activities that we would have done if we were in a real school, many projects, events, and parties are not happening.  Most importantly, however, is the lack of social interaction.  Many children have trouble contacting their friends and having someone to talk to other than their parents.  Friends are a necessity, and the lack of them is truly upsetting for everyone.

Emma’s Argument: It’s understood that a good amount of people are against online school, but they aren’t thinking about it deeply enough. In this current time, it is definitely necessary to stay online, stay home, and stay safe. But when this pandemic is over, and you can go outside, then there is nothing wrong with online because you can still visit your friends as you please. At home, you are not pressured to complete your work at a set time, but instead, you are able to work on your schoolwork as you please and to your own schedule. There is no pressure of teachers or peers constantly hovering over you. Yes, it is true that some clubs and competitions are not able to take place, but that is not the fault of online school, it is the fault of the worldwide pandemic, so there is no need to blame online school. That being said, it is clear that online school is a better choice than in-person school.