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Katherine Cui

The Selection


America Singer lives in a world of class and wealth. In the eight castes there are, if you are fortunate, you are wealthy with all the riches possible. If you aren’t so lucky, every meal is a question. Even though she is unwealthy, she isn’t unloved. She has her mom and dad, her sisters and brothers, and even someone who is supposed to be her future: Aspen. But when she is chosen into the Selection, everything turns around. Now she has to compete for the heart of Prince Maxon, who is someone she has not planned in her future. Now, she has to leave her home – and Aspen – to be swept up into a blur of crowns and riches, and face 34 other girls in a race to royalty. When America meets Prince Maxon though, she starts to question the plans she has for her life. She starts to realize that maybe not everything is planned out perfectly.