Creative Writing

Katherine Cui

This is a story written by Anvi Hebbar in Ms. Gianetti’s 2nd Grade class. Thank you Anvi for this amazing entry!


“Please, please!” Leafy the Rainforest dragon begged to mom. I’ve seen a video of it! Dragons were streaming in and out of that place! And it doesn’t cost any dragovidens (dragon money)!”

Just then they head somebody running down the stairs. It was Raintwig, Leafy’s sister. Leafy grinned. She would love to go to Stooland, and Raintwig was the key to get there. If Raintwig didn’t get something she really wanted, she would throw a tantrum. And the only way to get out of that was to give her the thing that she really wanted. 

“Let’s watch a video of it,” Leafy suggested. “Of what?” Raintwig asked. “Stooland!!!” Leafy shouted. “Yaaay, Stoowand!” yelled Raintwig. The dragon family moved to the TV room and turned on a “Stooland tour” video. It was so cool! At the entrance, you walk over a bridge, but one dragon fell. “Okay, my little boos, this place sounds dangerous,” mom dragon said. “Look,” dad dragon said. The dragon fell into an extremely strong current of air, and into the tunnel he went. Then, he popped out onto a trampoline. The video was fun.

“Waa,” Raintwig cried after watching the video “Me wawa go to Stoowand!” So the dragons went to the famous, amazing Stooland.