Flash Fiction – May

Flash Fiction - May

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

Keira was staring at the ceiling of her bedroom, just thinking. She was in fifth grade, going into middle school. It was the beginning of May, and she only had a week before school was over. Keira couldn’t believe she made it this far! She remembered when she was in first grade and always looked up to all the sixth graders. Now she is going to be a sixth grader! She pondered this for a while, and wondered what her first-grade-self would think of her fifth-grade-self. She also wondered what middle school would be like, and what her sixth-grade-self would be like. Keira was very nervous for sixth grade, because she had no idea what was going to happen. It was going to be completely different. Keira was taken out of her thoughts when her parents came through the front door. She jumped up to greet them. But there was a strange noise. A….barking noise. Keira’s heart skipped a beat. Omg, omg, omg! Keira had always wanted a puppy! 


Sure enough, once she raced down the stairs, there was a golden retriever puppy waiting there for her. Keira’s parents had huge smiles on their faces. “Surprise!” They shouted together, “Here is the little dog you’ve been wanting. Hopefully it’ll help you through middle school!” Her mother said. 


“We love you, cupcake,” Her father said. 


“I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!” Keira said gleefully, jumping to hug both her parents. Then she met her new adorable dog! “I’ll name you….SNICKERS!”