May Tricky Trivia – Hippopotamus

May Tricky Trivia -  Hippopotamus

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter


  1. How many species of hippopotamus are there?


  1. How long can the average Hippopotamus hold its breath?


  1. Hippos are herbivores. Hippos eat, on average, __ pounds of grass each night.    


  1. True or False? Hippopotamus are the fourth largest animals on Earth.


  1. True or False? Hippopotamus produce their own natural sunblock. 



  1. Two! The large/common hippo and the smaller relative, the pygmy hippo!


  1. Five minutes!


  1. 80!


  1. False. They are the third-largest living land mammal, after elephants and white rhinos!


  1. True!