Interview with a Few – April

Interview with a Few - April

For this month, I interviewed three students.

The students I interviewed were:


Alaina Madgey – 6th grade 

Ian Pfenning – 7th grade

Saysha Dewey- 8th grade


What is the best April Fools Prank?


Alaina Madgey – “The best April Fools Prank is when you put saran wrap on the toilet seat and prank people with that.


Ian Pfenning – “The best April fools prank is putting food coloring into someone’s toothbrush so when they brush their teeth, their teeth turn a color.”


Saysha Dewey – “The best April Fools prank is setting computer background to the apps and hiding all the apps. ”


What are your opinions on CMAS?


Alaina Madgey- “CMAS sucks. It is boring and long. ”


Ian Pfenning- “In my opinion, CMAS is time consuming and tedious, but still important. It lets the school know how good they are doing in certain areas and where they need to improve in other areas. It also provides a good sense of accomplishment to students when they are all done with testing.”


Sasyha Dewey – “I think that CMAS is very annoying. ”


What was the best April Fools Prank someone has pranked you with?


Alaina Madgey- “The best April Fools Prank that my parents tricked me with, was a couple of years ago when my dad convinced my sister and I that we were moving. My sister and I started crying, because we did not want to move. Then my dad was like “Happy April Fools Day!” I will never forget that one. ”


Ian Pfenning- “The best April Fools prank ever done to me is when my parents pushed a bunch of plastic balls up against my door then covered it in a sheet of plastic, trapping the balls. Then when I opened my door when I woke up, all the balls fell on top of me.”


Saysha Dewey – “The best April Fools prank I have been pranked with was switching my lunch with an onion.