NCAA Women’s Championship Game

NCAA Womens Championship Game

Elizabeth Robbins, Reporter

LSU beat Iowa 102 to 84 in a phenomenal offensive game! That incredible score made it the highest scoring game in NCAA history! Angel Reese from the LSU Tigers received the Most Outstanding Player award. Angel is a 6 foot 3 forward who played for Maryland for 2 years but transferred to LSU. After the game she claimed that she isn’t worried about any criticism she’ll receive. She’s encouraging girls to speak up for what they believe in, “so this is for the girls that look like me. For those that want to speak up for what they believe in. It’s unapologetically you. And that’s what I [did] before tonight. It was bigger than me tonight. And Twitter is going to go into a rage every time.” During the game, she gave Iowa Star Catilin Clark John Cena’s famous “You can’t see me” hand motion and pointed to her ring finger to show where the ring would go. While this wasn’t good sportsmanship, Clark, during the tournament, did her own John Cena move. After the game Clark was asked about Angel’s hand motions, and she said that she didn’t notice anything negative about Angel or LSU. She also said, “All the credit in the world to LSU. They were tremendous. They deserve it. They had a tremendous season.” This shows her sportsmanship and ability to acknowledge that her team lost but they lost to a really good team! A huge part of LSU’s success is their coach, Kim Mulkey. Mulkey has won 4 championships but this is her first with LSU. This is the first time in mens or womens that LSU has won March Madness! Coach Mulkey is the fastest coach in history to win 600 games. Not only is she a decorated coach she is also a decorated player, she is the only person to ever win a championship as a player, coach, and as an assistant. She is definitely one of the key reasons LSU won. But some fans don’t think that LSU won the game fair and square, there were some debatable calls against Iowa or somethings that should have been called against LSU. One of the fouls that wasn’t called was against Coach Mulkey, she was walking all over the court, which isn’t allowed. While that wasn’t a game changing not call it was a big thing that should be called for player safety and ref safety. But there is one call that arguably changed the game, Iowa star Catilin Clark tossed the ball away after it had gone out and received a technical foul. This was her fourth foul of the game, putting her at risk of being fouled out so she had to play it safe. But when LSU star Angel was doing hand gestures at Clark there was no technical called. Two Iowa players were fouled out during the game, and they were both seniors so that was their last college game. The lack of calls or the over calling was for both teams, not just Iowa. Iowa had 19 personal fouls and LSU had 18 personal fouls. The Iowa head coach Lisa Bluder didn’t want to comment on the refs but said that the sad part was that there was no conversation. The refs weren’t open to talking with the coaches, and they weren’t open to listening. She also talked about the key players getting lots of fouls, “When your two seniors have to sit on the bench — they don’t know they’re seniors. I get it. But those two women didn’t deserve it. I don’t think so. And then Caitlin getting a T. I don’t know. It’s too bad. Yeah, it’s too bad.“ Lots of people are really mad about the fact that refs didn’t call out the LSU Coach Mulkey for literally being in the game. Mulkey was on the court which should result in a warning or automatic T. One fan on social media said, “Kim Mulkey has spent more minutes on the court than Caitlin Clark has.”