Flash Fiction – April

Flash Fiction - April

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

Jamal woke up one fine morning and stepped out of bed. He stretched his arms, yawned, and smiled. He opened his door wide, and as he was walking out, a large dark figure jumped out at him and screamed. Jamal jumped in fright and a yelp escaped from his lips. Amelia took off her black hood and revealed her huge smile. She was the dark figure! Amelia burst out in laughter. Jamal grumbled, embarrassed that he got so scared. 


“April Fools!” Amelia giggled. 


“Ugh!” Jamal said, “I’ll get you back for this!” Jamal wasn’t lying. He was already plotting in his head. Amelia took a shower every morning. So as her brother, Jamal had to do something mischievous. He snuck in and put blue food coloring in the shampoo. “Hehehe” Jamal wiggled his fingers like a villain in a movie.

“Jamal! Get out! I need to use the bathroom!” Amelia shouted. Jamal gladly stepped out and smirked as soon as he heard the shower water going. Amelia was completely clueless.  


Soon after, Jamal heard his name being screeched by Amelia. Jamal ran back up the stairs excitedly. Amelia looked like a smurf! Jamal laughed so hard, and giggled, “APRIL FOOLS!” 


“Jamal, that’s not funny,” Amelia said. 


“Yes it is!” Jamal was still in a fit of giggles. 


Amelia replied, “No, Jamal. That was really mean. This is going to stain. A prank is only a prank if everyone finds it funny. Only if it’s harmless!”


“Oh…” Jamal said, “I never really thought about that.” Jamal looked up and stopped laughing. “I’m sorry.”


Amelia smiled. “I’m glad you understand, and I forgive you,” She said, the smile returning to her face, “Just you wait, I’ll get you back!” She winked and walked away.


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