Recipes – April

Recipes - April

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

Banana Strawberry Smoothie

  • Frozen or Fresh Strawberries
  • Fresh banana (if you use frozen, you can get rid of some of the ice later)
  • Milk (any kind)
  • Ice (however much you want to make it a good consistency for you)
  • Honey (optional)
  • Yogurt (optional)


Mango Smoothie

  • Fresh or frozen mangoes
  • Banana (it adds a creamy texture if you freeze them ahead of time)
  • Milk (any kind)
  • Yogurt (any kind, but greek will make it especially creamy)
  • Honey (optional)


Cranberry Smoothie

  • Cranberries (fresh and frozen both work but frozen will make for more of a slushy)
  • Fresh or frozen bananas (frozen will make for a thicker smoothie)
  • OrangeĀ 
  • Milk (any kind)
  • Honey (optional)
  • Yogurt (optional)



  1. Put all the ingredients into a blender. If you did not use frozen fruit at all, you should add a little bit of ice as well. Start with a little bit, and add more as you go.
  2. Blend. You can use the pulse button or the smoothie/milkshake button.
  3. Serve and enjoy!