Interview with a Few – March

Interview with a Few - March

Michelle Nguyen, Reporter

For this month, I interviewed three students.

The students I interviewed were:


Addison Meyer- 6th grade 

Alexander Raineri- 7th grade

Elyse Prestopnik- 8th grade


What is your favorite number?


Addison Meyer- “My favorite number is 26


Alexander Rainieri- “”My favorite number is 7.”


Elyse Prestopnik- “My favorite number is 58.”


What are your opinions on St. Patrick’s Day?


Addison Meyer- “I think St. Patricks day is cool and fun (when you are like 3-7) ”


Alexander Rainieri- “My opinion on St. Patrick’s day is I don’t really find it as a special day more as just a normal day with a name”


Elyse Prestopnik– “I think that it is really fun to throw things off shelves to show the leprechaun came.”


If you could do anything in the world right now, what would you do?


Addison Meyer- “If I could be doing anything right now I would be on a beach in hawaii.”


Alexander Rainieri- “ If I could be doing anything in the world it would be to draw imaginary creatures. ”


Elyse Prestopnik- “ I would fix world hunger.”