March Tricky Trivia – Narwhal

March Tricky Trivia - Narwhal

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter


  1. What percentage of Narwhal are found in the Canadian Arctic? 


  1.  How long do Narwhals live?


  1. True or False? Narwhals change color as they age.


  1.  Narwhals are deep divers. How deep can they dive, and for how long? 


  1. True or False? Narwhals have horns on the top of their heads. 



  1. 75% of Narwhal are found in the Canadian Arctic!


  1. Narwhals usually live 30-40 years old, but can live up to 50 years!


  1. True! Newborns are speckled blue-gray, teens are blue-black, adults are speckled gray and old narwhals are almost all white!


  1. Narwhals can dive as deep as 4,500 feet (1,500 m) and can last about 25 minutes underwater. They can also spend more than three hours daily below 800 m. 


  1. False! Narwhals have a tusk, or a tooth that protrudes from the top of their head, and can grow to nine to ten feet!