The Owl On Flagstaff’s Play Structure

The Owl On Flagstaff’s Play Structure

Friday of last week, we interviewed Ms. Wolff (Elementary Science) about the owl!! 


When and where was the owl first seen? 


First seen in the nest tree on Tuesday, March 7. It was first seen on the ground on Wednesday, March 8. 


How old is the owl?


The owl is likely 6 ½ to 7 weeks old. We know this because of the development of its feathers. 


How far along is the owl developed? 


The owl has developed so much as it has certain development of its feathers. The pattern of feathers helps us to determine its age. 


Do we need to remove the owl? Why?


No, we do not need to remove the owl. This is because it is the natural course of development for birds to leave the nest at this age. The owl is healthy, and is cared for because the adults are still around. It has made an owl pellet, and gone to the restroom, which means it is getting fed. Another reason we are not removing the owl is because it would be like taking away a baby from its family. The fledgling is strong enough for walking, and short flights, meaning it would have left the playground if it did not feel safe. 


What kind of owl is it?


The owl is a Great Horned Owl fledgling. 


Why is the owl here? Is it unnatural?


Because we have a habitat for it. Food, water, shelter, and space. No, it is not unnatural. 


Where are its parent/s? 


They are in the nest tree, which is the evergreen tree. There are two other babies in the nest, so we may get more owls on the play structure! 


When it moves, will it go to a tree? 


If it moves we have no idea where it will end up going. 



Naturalists came and set up booths to teach our Dragons about owls. Many students asked great questions, but if you did not get your questions answered, ask Ms. Wolff through email or in person!! 


Before the Owl was discovered, two fourth grade girls named Violet and Dhriti discovered owl pellets. There the girls found most of the bones on Monday but a few on Tuesday. They found it near the bench area near the field. They saw the momma owl and that’s when they saw heads emerge. Now on Friday, they have begun to dissect the owl pellets. 




Today, Monday 3/13/23, the owl is still here! Can not wait to see how long the owl will stay!! Heads up… in the elementary hallway, 4-5th grade, there is a box to vote on what the name of the owl should be! Results are still to be determined, so get your votes in!