A Real Life Spy Story

A Real Life Spy Story

Elizabeth Robbins and Olive Spohn

When Mr. Hua was planning a trip to China for professional reasons, he was shocked to have the government recruit him as an intelligence spy. As he was planning an educational trip to China in order to share his skills as an electrical engineer. Although, he was stopped by officials who had suspicions. When this happened, he was surprised by the extensive questioning. So he lied about why he went, he claimed he went to see family and friends. This did work in the sense that he was allowed to go, but he was sent on an intelligence mission. Mr. Hua was told to set up a meeting with his handler in Europe and then hopefully the U.S. can arrest him. 


Recent intelligence missions coming from both China and America have created more tensions, and both countries have put their resources into this back and forth. When China asked for some software from the company that Mr. Hua was working on, an FBI agent was watching that closely and advising Mr. Hua. The government has been closely monitoring Mr. Hua in his travels, although everyone is very unsure as to what will come of this.


Some controversies have arisen around this, as many people believe that the government ended up questioning his reliability due to his Chinese heritage. Others believe that it’s immoral to send a civilian on a government intelligence mission. For these reasons, many people are against this happening all together.