Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol

Elizabeth Robbins, Reporter

On the March Late start (3/1/23) the leader of the Boulder Civil Air Patrol (CAP) squadron came to Flagstaff and presented to middle school and two fifth grade classes. That presentation highlighted some of the amazings things that Civil Air Patrol does. Civil Air Patrol is a service where the public carries out emergency service and disaster relief efforts. They also have amazing opportunities to learn how to fly and to get your flying license! That is an amazing program because becoming a pilot is not cheap. One of the other things that they work on is fitness, because staying fit is amazing for mental health! There is also a huge focus on character and leadership, learning who you are and learning skills that will help you be able to be a leader in life. 


How to join:

You can join the youth sector if you are between the ages of 12-18 and if you are older there is an adult sector that is also available! The two bases near Flagstaff are the Boulder squadron and the Vance Brand squadron, if you are looking for a different location use the Civil Air Patrol website (