Monthly Debate – Which Sour Patch Kids Flavor is the Best?

Monthly Debate - Which Sour Patch Kids Flavor is the Best?

Mandy Roth and Olive Spohn

Olive –  


My favorite flavor of sour patch kids is lime, this is for a few reasons. I like the lime flavor because the sour flavor goes hand in hand with the sour sugar, and creates a more exciting flavor. My second favorite would have to be lemon, because again, its lemon flavor goes along with the sourness yet still adds a bit of sweetness. My least favorite flavor would be the orange. I think that the orange doesn’t really have that much of a sour flavor, and it reminds me more of a medicine or gummy, not a sour patch kid. All in all, lime is the best flavor, and orange is the worst.


Mandy –


My two favorite flavors are the blueberry flavor and the green lime flavor. The blueberry flavored one is my favorite. It has a lot of flavor and I feel the flavor and sour are balanced well and complement each other. You get just the right amounts of sour and sweet. I also like the lime flavor and think it actually tastes like lime, this is very important in my opinion. My least favorite flavor is lemon. I feel like because lemon is a naturally sweet flavor it just tastes more sour, you don’t get that sour rather sweet taste like the others. In conclusion I believe that the blue sour patch kid is the best. Don’t forget to answer the poll on the homepage and tell us which flavor is your favorite and why in the comments!   

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What is the best Sour Patch Kid flavor?


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