Flash Fiction – March

Flash Fiction - March

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

Cecilia woke up one fine morning, on March 17th. She woke up slightly groggy, so she only realized it was St. Patriks day when she rolled out of bed. Cecilia jumped up and declared; “I am not going to get caught this year!” 


Cecilia was a Leprechaun, and had been caught by someone for her gold every year for the past five years, every day on St. Patrick’s day. Cecelia knew that she could not take any gold from anywhere, especially if it was out in plain sight. After all, it was probably a trap. Cecelia went through her day with extreme caution. She knew she had avoided at least three traps so far, and it was only 12:34. Cecelia sighed. This was going to be harder than she thought. Soon after, she stumbled upon a gold trail. But the gold was pure gold! Cecilia couldn’t resist. She knew it was a trap, but she thought; This is only the bait, if I only follow the trail partly, then I won’t go to the actual trap, and I won’t get caught! Cecelia thought it was a foolproof plan. Unfortunately she overestimated herself. After only a few gold coins, she totally forgot about the trap, and stepped right into it! She realized her mistake too late. 


“Noooo!” She cried. Cecelia looked up to see a small boy smiling down at her. “Who are you?”

“Oh my gosh! I caught a REAL leprechaun!” The boy jumped up and down with joy, “I’m Hunter, nice to meet you!”

“Are you going t-to steal all my gold?” Cecelia asked, disappointed.  


“What? No!” Hunter replied, “I just wanted to make a leprechaun friend! Will you be my friend?” 


“Oh!” She replied, surprised. “Uh, sure!” Hunter smiled a huge smile, and thanked her. They talked for a bit and had lots of fun. But the sun began to set, and they went their separate ways. Cecelia waved goodbye, and hugged her gold. She was so glad he didn’t steal it! …But she still got caught. “Oh well,” She shrugged. 


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