Interview With a Few – February

Interview With a Few - February

Michelle Nguyen, Reporter

For this month, I interviewed three students.

The students I interviewed were:


Quincee Bell Taylor – 6th grade 

Cambriah McGilvray – 7th grade

Anonymous – 8th grade


What do you like about Valentine’s Day? 


Quincee Bell Taylor – “I like the gifts that my friends give me.

Cambriah McGilvray – “What I like about Valentine’s Day is that I always have a great time with my family, and I love to give my friends cards and or gifts!”

Anonymous – “I like that people get to show their love for one another. Although you do not need a special day to do so, it is really nice too on Valentine’s day. You can buy flowers or chocolate for one another, or just write a nice letter to them. ”


What is your favorite Valentine’s Candy? 


Quincee Bell Taylor – “I like Cookies and Cream, and Pink Hershey.

Cambriah McGilvray – “My favorite Valentine’s day candy is chocolate, since chocolate is my favorite candy in general!”

Anonymous – “My favorite candy is Reeses, or Lindor Chocolate!


What have you done this month that you are proud of?


Quincee Bell Taylor – “I have read two books and cleaned up my room.

Cambriah McGilvray – “This month I have been running a lot more often to get ready for the track season, and I’m pretty proud of myself!”

Anonymous – I aced all of my tests!!