Monthly Debate – February – Spring Break vs Winter Break


Olive Spohn and Mandy Roth

Olive – Winter break is far better than spring break for several reasons. The first reason being that winter break is a lot longer than spring break, and it is often a time for family visits. Winter break is a super cozy and beautiful time to be spent with family and friends. inter break is also a time for snowboarding, skiing, and sledding. Winter break is much better than spring break.


Mandy – I believe spring break is far better than winter break. One reason being that spring break has better weather. You can go skiing or go to the beach, and it’s a lot warmer here if you don’t travel. In my opinion spring skiing/snowboarding is better, it’s often more fun and the conditions are better. For those who travel, spring break is usually a more common time for cool exotic vacations. Spring break is a nice mix of warm and cold and has a wider variety of activities.