Why Eggs Cost So Much


Bella DeNicholas, Reporter

As we all know, costs of food, gas, and other necessities are rising. This is due to inflation, and high demand costs. Eggs are a part of inflation, and have broken record high costs. The average price of a dozen eggs was $4.25 in December of 2022, more than twice the price they cost the year earlier. According to the department of agriculture, an average person eats about 278 eggs per year. The amount of eggs produced depends on the amount of hens there are. Farmers are spending more on grains like corn, oats and barley to feed the hens than they are making selling the eggs. The wheat and grains hens eat come from the world’s main suppliers – Russia and Ukraine. Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, their exports of grain plummeted. Farmers now not only have to pay more for the feed, but also have to pay more for energy to run their farms and gas to transport their yields. Another reason eggs cost so much was because of the outbreak in the Avian Influenza. Due to the virus, many egg-laying hens died. Farmers had to slaughter the hens who caught the flu, in order to prevent the virus from spreading. Many farmers hold their hens in small barns, with thousands in the same “box” at a time, causing the Avian Flu and other diseases to easily spread. Millions of birds die each year due to this virus, which is a major problem since the amount of eggs produced all depends on the number of hens there are. We can all try to play apart in making eggs cost less. If families reduce their amount of egg intake, the demand for eggs will drop.