LeBron James Outscoring Everyone in the N.B.A.

LeBron James Outscoring Everyone in the N.B.A.

Elizabeth Robbins, Reporter

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored 38,387 points in the N.B.A when he played, with all of those points he held the record for the most points scored for nearly 40 years. Nobody thought that someone would ever beat the record. But in the Lakers vs. Thunder Lebron James beat the record! To do this he needed to score 36 points in the game, but he accomplished this in just 3 periods. Even for LeBron this was a crazy thing that he thought would never happen! Kareem was there to watch LeBron beat his record! Kareem even commented on how LeBron has the skills and the size to be dominant in the N.B.A.. Currently LeBron James has 38,390 points!