February Tricky Trivia – Axolotls

February Tricky Trivia - Axolotls

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter


  1. What are the feathery looking branches that extend from either side of its head used for?


  1. The Axolotl is also over _____ times more resistant to cancer than mammals


  1. Axolotl anatomy has a very unique characteristic. What is it? 


  1. The word Axolotl comes from the Ancient Aztecs who revered them. What does it translate to? 


  1. True or False? Axolotls can regenerate parts of their body. 



  1. Breathing! They are gills!


  1. “1,000!” The Axolotl is over 1,000 times more resistant to cancer! 


  1. Neoteny! This is the term used to describe animals that keep their juvenile characteristics until adulthood without undergoing many phases of change.


  1. It translates to mean ‘water dog’!


  1. True!