Flagstaff Academy Spelling Bee


Maya Rokhlenko, Editor and Reporter

February first was the Flagstaff Academy annual spelling bee. The bee has been held at Flagstaff for many years and was not even disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic, making it a very important and lovely Flagstaff tradition. This year, the spelling bee had nearly 40 contestants between the grades of fifth and eighth grade at Flagstaff Academy. For the first hour of the bee, all Flagstaff fifth to eighth graders come to watch the first rounds.. It is always a wonderful thing to see. Both competitors and observers all cheer for correct words and provide unconditional support for those who spell a word wrong. 

Overall, I believe that the spelling bee is a great opportunity for the competitors of the bee to grow not only as spellers but as people. While spelling is an important life skill, I believe that the spelling bee is an amazing way for the competitors to develop their skills of self-motivation, drive, and determination. They also learn things about supportive and friendly competition and that failing is totally okay! 

However, we have to honor the winner of the bee competition: Abhay Ravulapati! 

Abhay is the two time champion. He has won for two years in a row and will be going to the state spelling bee very soon! 

We wish him luck and know he will be great!