The Next Great Read – January

The Next Great Read - January

Mandy Roth, Reporter

Could Defy The Night by Brigid Kemmerer be your next great read?


The people are sick. The people have a cure. The people need more of the cure. The people don’t know if the cure works. This cure is Moonflower petals, and these people are from Kandala. The Kingdom is falling: from sickness, from rebellion, from lost hope. The king continues to protect the limited supply of Moonflower petals. But is he saving his people or this flower? Tessa Cade and her friend Wes do the unthinkable: risk their lives every night to steal Moonflower from the palace to give to people who actually need it. But, who is Wes and can Kandala be saved? Find out in Defy The Night.