Greenland Experiences Extreme Rises in Temperatures

Greenland Experiences Extreme Rises in  Temperatures

Maya Rokhlenko, Editor and Reporter

Scientists have been studying the effects of humans on the Arctic regional climate for many years, and recently the results have only been getting worse. By drilling into the ice on and around the island, scientists have been able to see how the temperatures have changed over many centuries. After much research, it was concluded that the temperatures in Greenland are currently the highest that they have been in at least a thousand years. Currently, scientists are only able to measure the temperatures of these areas back to a thousand years ago, so this number may be much higher. Greenland’s ice is melting at an alarming rate, and it is currently adding the most to sea levels rising around the globe. It is predicted that if that rate continues, by the year 2100, Greenland would have added at least fifty centimeters to the rising sea levels. 

On average, it was recorded that the overall temperature has increased by over one and a half degrees Celsius since the 1900s, which could truly cause devastating consequences. Some researchers have even shown that the Arctic is warming nearly four times as quickly as the rest of the world, specifically within the past fifteen years. 

Many scientists are considering this to be a “clear signature of global warming” and its current state. These sudden changes and rises in sea level not only immediately reflect on the situation at hand, but also are a huge threat to many coastal cities and towns all around the world. 

Climate change is also contributing to not just rising sea levels, but also keeping the rise going as the oceans warm up and melt even more of the ice. 

Another gloomy insight is that all of these are very clearly not one-time events. Both the warming and melting of the ice and oceans can be recorded for many, many years. But, to end on a positive note, one thing to keep in mind is that all the same researchers that have stated the above are also saying one crucial thing: the ice melting in Greenland is not irreversible, as long as humanity acts.