Elizabeth Robbins, Reporter

The AI ChatGPT was released last November, and it wasn’t as accepted and liked at first but now the extraordinary technology is getting really popular. AI ChatGPT can be a lot to comprehend, so let’s break it down. 


What is AI?

AI is a machine that thinks for itself. It’s a simulation of human intelligence. You may be wondering, where does AI even start? AI isn’t a human that can walk around and experience the world (yet) and have learning experiences like animals. AI gains intelligence because people give it input, and a machine learns off of that. That is called machine learning. There are two types of machine learning: supervised and unsupervised learning. Supervised learning means that the programmers give the AI labeled data and the programmers label everythings for the data. Unsupervised learning is when a programmer gives the machine unlabeled data and the computer has to look for patterns. And then using pattern recognition the machine groups the data. 


What does ChatGPT mean?

ChatGPT means a Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. Basically, it’s like the chat boxes on many sites that answer your questions, but it’s a lot more advanced. Instead of giving pre-set answers to questions, if you give this chat box information it will write an essay or answer questions for you. These essays and responses are written by the machine rather than an actual person.  


How did they train ChatGPT to give its answers?

The programmers feed ChatGPT words from dictionaries, articles from the web, essays, and even books. Since they fed ChatGPT all of those things, it gave the ChatGPT background knowledge and it learned the format of how people answer questions and how they write essays. But why this chat box is different is because they had human AI trainers answer questions and they gave those answers to the AI to make it better. 


Is there a way to tell if something was written by AI?

There are multiple different ways to tell if something was written by AI. AI will sometimes have long and really comprehensive responses, it doesn’t simplify and write just a couple of sentences. The next way is that AI will sometimes use words that you don’t normally see or write in your answers. Another way to know is that AI can be kind of insensitive, the AI doesn’t know what’s happening in the current world because it hasn’t been updated with current events since 2021. It also doesn’t have feelings or an opinion, it just says things as they are informationally. This causes the AI to write insensitive things that humans normally wouldn’t write. The last way is there is now a new technology that has been put out that reads writing and outputs how confident it is that the writing was made by AI. Everyone has access to this new program and can use it however and whenever they want to. Students that get caught using this technology get in huge trouble, it is plagiarizing and depending on what they are doing it can be cheating as well.