Guess Who – January

Guess Who - January

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

What do you like to do out of school? – “I love to make pottery, play games, go on various adventures in my Jeep and hang out with my family.”

What’s your favorite sports team? – “I don’t follow one team religiously, but have to say the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team is ‘up there’.”

Do you have a bucket list? Is there anything on it? If not, what is something that you really want to do in the near future? – “I want to spend an extended time in Italy to explore, study art, cook, and enjoy the culture. And then see where the road takes me next. My sons and I are talking about skydiving on my next birthday, not sure if I can do that!!”

What’s your favorite animal?  – “I love dogs, especially my sons’ 3 dogs.”