Boulder Library Contamination

Boulder Library Contamination

Olive Spohn and Bella DeNicholas

Recently, the Boulder Public Library has been shut down due to a meth contamination, rooted in the bathrooms. Although the contamination has been cleared, the staff has been doing a slow reopening in order to make sure that the area is entirely safe for the public. Police, library staff, and specialists have all been working their way through this issue, and ensuring that the area will be safe for citizens again, as soon as possible.


What happened  

The Boulder Public Library was recently tested for meth contamination after reports of the drug being used, as well as employees falling ill due to unhealthy amounts of the drugs in the environment. After the results came back, it was determined that the amounts of meth had well surpassed the state levels to qualify for a full-level contamination. This testing also determined that the contamination had spread across the air vents, and had affected a variety of seating areas- prolonging the closure time.


According to police reports, the drug was both smoked and possibly “cooked” in the public restrooms, making both surfaces and atmospheres contaminated. This would explain the excessive amounts of meth found in the air vents.


 As of now, no specific perpetrator has been identified, although witnesses observed groups smoking the drug around the library. After the library was fully shut down, several special teams were sent in to clear the library of any contamination. As the library is reopening, so is the investigation. Authorities are working to identify the criminals responsible for this, and working with the library to ensure that the library remains free of issues in the future.


Library reopening

The Boulder Main Library has been gradually reopening this past week. Testing confirmed meth residue in the library’s public restrooms and contamination on some furniture in seating areas. Although most of the library will be open, the restrooms will be closed until remediation is finished. The affected furniture will be removed and replaced. 

The first phase of reopening started January 4. The main entrance will be open from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. An assumed date for full reopening was set for January 9, and followed through. Currently there is not a timeline for when the bathrooms will be open. 

Cleaning meth-infected homes, rooms, and buildings can be very deadly. The chemicals used to make drugs can be deadly when mixed with traditional cleaning products. When dealing with meth exposures, technicians dress in protective equipment and use a military-grade decontaminant on the affected area while operating under a “straightforward” principle: “Just treat everything like it’s going to kill you, and protect yourself.” 

Given the dangers involved the remediation process has required weeks to complete, which is why it has taken so long for the Denver Public Library to reopen. Some areas of the library are open, but if you’re not ready to go into the library but want to get a book, you can either go on the website or call to be able to pick up a book. Many of the books are contaminated, but luckily the Longmont Library is still open!! Stay reading Dragons!!