Sports Update – January

Sports Update - January

Elizabeth Robbins, Reporter

The girls basketball teams had a game on 12/19! It was a home game against Sunset Middle School. The A team won! And the B team lost, but it was a close game. Their next game will be on 1/11/23 at Carbon Valley Rec Center against Firestone! I interviewed some of the players on the team! 

People who were interviewed:

  • 7th Grader Alaina Loomis
  • 7th Grader Mandy Roth

Here are their results:

What’s your favorite part of basketball?

  • Everything! Playing the game, the feeling of winning or losing, and being with my teammates.
  • Playing with a team and coaches who believe in me and help me learn.

Do you like playing for your school?

  • Yeah. 
  • Yes.

If you answered yes to the above question, why do you like playing for your school?

  • Because I get to hang out with my buds, play the game I love, and represent our school.
  • All of the Dragons and parents are supportive and eager to learn. 

What does it feel like at a home game when everyone is cheering for your team and it gets really loud?

  • It makes me pumped up and ready to show the other team that this is OUR HOUSE!
  • Having a school community to back you up takes just a little bit of the pressure off playing against other schools.

Are you excited for the next game?

  • Yes, very much so.
  • Yes, I love any chance I get to be active and improve my skills.

Do you think that Flagstaff’s going to win the next game?

  • Fo Sho! 
  • I have no idea but win or lose I still have fun playing for Flagstaff.


Go Dragons!