Flash Fiction – January

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

Destiny was a fifteen year old girl who hated everything. She thought that her mother’s chocolate chip cookies were disgusting, she thought having friends was childish. She thought homework was the worst thing ever…well that’s not really out of the ordinary. She believed that movies were boring, games were pointless, kids were annoying, and that New Year’s resolutions were stupid. But since it was already January, her teacher had made her write down at least three things that she wanted to accomplish this year as her New Year’s resolutions. Destiny stared down at the crumpled piece of paper in her hand. It wrote;


  1. Slay a dragon
  2. Have a pet octopus
  3. Rule the world

Destiny had written the most absurd things in her resolution because she thought it was dumb and didn’t feel like targeting all the things she hated about herself to change. She slumped down on her bed, her long black hair spreading across the sheets. Groaning, she got back up a while later to fetch her journal and began to rant in it. She wrote about the stupid New Year’s resolutions and the disgusting school lunch. She ranted about the mean cat who scratched her on her way home. She wrote about how her jeans were too tight and her shoes pinched her toes. She fell asleep thinking about all the terrible things, so the next morning, she already started on the wrong side of the bed. To make things worse, she was already late for school. She stomped down the stairs, not even bothering to get ready. When she arrived at school, there was much chattering in the hall, as always, however this time, it was more ominous and serious. Destiny raised her eyebrow, a questioning look crossing her face. She ignored all the stares she got and sat at the back of her first period class. The teacher came up to the front of the room once the bell rang. “Hello, class!” He said cheerfully, “Today we are going to talk about New Year’s resolutions!” The class groaned. “Now, now, let’s not think of this as a chore!” Mr. Finnias chuckled, “Remember the resolutions you wrote yesterday? Well, all the teachers got a copy. And we have a challenge for you all! The first person to complete all of their resolutions gets… a STARBUCKS GIFT CARD!” 


Destiny gasped. There was only one thing. One thing in the whole world she did not hate. And it was Starbucks. Destiny knew that she absolutely needed to win that challenge… but how? Destiny pouted once she realized that all of the things on her list were impossible! But she wasn’t going to let that stop her, no absolutely not. One thing Destiny was good at was finding loopholes. That’s how she got ice cream for dinner, and got 20 bucks from her grandma. Later that day, Destiny was at the mall. She hated the mall, but it was worth it if it meant she could get that gift card. She went to the nearest gift shop, and surprisingly it had a little octopus keychain. The very last one, amongst starfish, jellyfish, and dolphin keychains. She raced to the register and scraped up the little money she had left. It was not enough to buy a Starbucks gift card, but it was just enough to buy the keychain…well actually she was once cent short. She was dying inside while she begged the other customers for a penny. Finally, a kind old lady gave her a nickel. “YES!” Destiny said, “THANK YOU!” She raced to the register and bought the keychain. Pet octopus, check. That better count, Destiny thought, racing out, I have to complete this before anyone else! 


Next…slay a dragon? Destiny snapped her fingers as she remembered an ad she saw the other day. She didn’t quite remember it, but she remembered that it was a dragon festival. All she had to do was pretend to slay one of the “dragons.” She went to the address as quickly as she could. She looked around in the crowded place, but her ears honed in on a small child. “I hate dragons!” He said, “I hate everything!” 


A little part of Destiny felt something move inside her. She rushed over. “Hey, little kid… um, I-if you live your life hating everything, there’s not room left for love, and love is…a beautiful thing.” Destiny’s eyes opened wide. That was the cringiest thing that ever left her mouth. “NOW TELL ME WHERE THAT DRAGON WAS!” She roared. The little boy was taken aback, but pointed towards a tent with a person wearing a very realistic looking dragon costume. Destiny shook her head while stomping over. I only said that to get the kid to tell me, she reassured herself. Inside the tent, she asked the person in the costume if she could be in one of his plays and slay the dragon. He surprisingly agreed. Destiny suited up in costume armor and a plastic sword. The kids were huddled together watching the skit in awe. Destiny put on her best performance ever, and slay the dragon in the end. She was proud of herself, and it made her so happy to see all of the kids enjoying themselves. Wait, no, kids were annoying. At least she got a picture for proof that she slayed the dragon. Next? Rule the world. Destiny was stumped. She had to find the loophole again. Rule the world… I never said which world! Destiny decided. She raced back home and took out her craft supplies she had stowed away years ago. She fashioned the best world ever. It was a big styrofoam ball and had many volcanoes and lava. Then, since she created it, Destiny crowned herself the ruler. There. She was done. She had finished her resolutions! The next day, Destiny excitedly went to school and raced to class. When the teacher asked about the New Year’s resolutions, Destiny’s hand shot up. However, Mr. Finnias announced that there was already a winner. Gwenn. She had come even earlier than Destiny and claimed her prize! Destiny sat there in shock, absolutely hopeless and defeated. “No…” she murmured. She crumpled down and wailed and mourned for the Starbucks gift card.

“Aren’t you being a little dramatic?” Tyler peered down at her. Destiny glared back. She went through the rest of the day in despair. She was gloomily walking home when she heard her name.

“Destiny!” It was Gwenn. Destiny ignored her. But Gwenn caught up. “Hey, I know you really wanted that gift card, and you worked so hard for it! I-I wanted to invite you to um, go for a coffee date at Starbucks…we can sh-share the gift card.” She blushed. 


“Wait, really?” Destiny replied, hope returning to her eyes. “Yes please!” They both laughed over their drinks. For the first time in what felt like forever, Destiny felt happy, anc content. It may have just been the coffee, but she felt warm inside. Maybe…not everything was bad. Gwenn was one less thing Destiny hated in the world. “Thank you, Gwenn.” Destiny smiled.