January Tricky Trivia – Tardigrade

January Tricky Trivia - Tardigrade

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter


  1. How many years have tardigrades existed on the earth? 


  1. How long will it take for a tardigrade to hatch? 


  1. How big are tardigrades?


  1. How long can a tardigrade survive without food or water? 


  1. How much pressure can they survive under?


  1. True or False? Tardigrades can survive in outer space. 


  1. True or False? Tardigrades can survive 10 times more radiation than a human.



  1. 600 million years!


  1. About 40 and 90 days!


  1. They are about 0.5 mm (0.02 inch) long, and are see-through, so it’s even harder to see!


  1. They can survive decades! They go into a state called cryptobiosis to survive.


  1. About 600 megapascals. 


  1. True!


  1. False! Tardigrades can survive roughly 1,000 times more radiation than a human.