A Fight For Democracy


Olive Spohn, Reporter

Around the world, people who have been dealing with oppressive governments have been fighting back, and reaching for a free future. In places like Ethiopia and China, citizens have been facing horrible governing situations, and they have put their lives on the line for a better future. All around the world, people are facing the horrible truth of an oppressive government, and are fighting back – although unfortunately not always successfully. 


In Ethiopia, many people have had to face a very abusive and oppressive government, while having horrible working conditions and minimal rights. Recently, the government has made a switch with a new leader who has new, different values. While some support this change, others believe that this change is not for the better. This conflict has risen into a full on civil war, and has gotten the EU involved. As the supporters of the old government, and the extremists of the new go head to head, they have resorted to intense warfare. This has led to countless refugees being forced to leave, and much destruction all over the country. These refugees face horrible living conditions, and little to no food. This war has been raging for many months, and will likely continue for much longer. Unfortunately, the new “reformed” government has actually been supporting Ethiopian troops in Tigray, as they use brutal and atrocious methods in their fight. Recently many troops have been reported to have created huge massacres, without any inquiry of any kind. One of the most recent massacres, and most deadly, occurred at a Sunday school, and ended up causing many deaths among the children and staff. Unfortunately, the locals haven’t been able to hold proper memorials, as they have been under close supervision of the army. Despite all of the horrible things that these people have faced, they have managed to keep their traditions alive and fight for their rights in any way that they can. 


In China, not only have the citizens faced a harsh and oppressive government, but also the most harsh COVID restrictions worldwide. This has led to both violence and pain, as these people are doing their best to fight back while still being held back by these restrictions. These harsh restrictions are not typical, and have led to the government barricading people into buildings. Although some claimed that this was reasonable at first, this has developed into the government locking people into their homes, and adding steel bars/locks to their doors. This happened one time when there was a COVID exposure in an apartment complex, and the people were unable to leave the building. Unfortunately a fire broke out and killed 10 people. This has sparked major outrage, and many protests across China. Most of the protesters have been students who are fed up with the current situation, and horrible risks that they face every day. 

Despite any shred of good intentions that the Chinese government had to start, their methods are much too harsh, and possibly straight up horrible. These past months have been the largest government protest in China for many decades, as a new generation stands up to the horrible methods of government. While protesting does pose the threat of arrest or harm, many citizens have set aside their fear in hopes of a better future.


Across the world, people are faced with adversity, and must find ways to overcome it in any way they can. If that means taking to the streets and protesting, or just using their voices, they will always find a way to fight for justice.