Useless Complicated Information Of Uselessness – December – Holidays


Mandy Roth, Reporter

  1. According to one survey 1 in 3 men wait until Christmas Eve to finish their shopping.
  2. Swedish cities celebrate the holidays with Julbock or large, straw, Yule goats.
  3. Male reindeers shed their antlers in November but females keep theirs all winter long.
  4. 25% of emails are sent during the holidays.
  5. 40 million turkeys were eaten on Thanksgiving this year.
  6. It takes a Christmas tree up to 15 years to grow.
  7. Each year around 3 billion Christmas cards are sold.
  8. Some consider it bad luck to have someone with red hair over on new year’s day. 
  9. Some people consider it bad luck to cut down an oak tree with mistletoe growing on it.
  10. December 31 is considered the most unlucky day in December.