World Cup – Finals

World Cup - Finals

Elizabeth Robbins, Reporter

Argentina and France played in the finals of the World Cup on 12/18/22! It was a thrilling game! Messi scored the first goal of the game on a PK. Then Ángel Di María scored in the 36th minute putting Argentina up 2-0. It was mainly Argentina dominated from there on, but then in the 80th minute Argentina fouled in their own box and France got a pk. Mbappe stepped up to take the kick, he drove it in with power and accuracy! Argentina’s keeper Emiliano Martinez got a hand on it but it wasn’t enough. Then 97 seconds later Mbappe put another goal in the back of the net, tying the game. No one scored in the rest of regulation time so the game went to extra time. In the second half of extra time Messi scores again, putting Argentina in the lead! But then ten minutes later Mbappe scored, tying the game yet again and that gave Mbappe a hat trick in the final world cup, making him one of only two men’s players to ever get a hat trick in the finals. A hat trick is where a player scores three goals in one game, it is called a hat trick because in professional hockey people throw their hats on the ice when a player scores their 3rd goal of the game.  The rest of overtime was scoreless, so the game went into penalty kicks. Messi and Mbappe stepped up to make the first penalty kicks for their teams, and both put them in the back of the net! Then on the next two kicks Arenginta put both in the back of the net but Argentina’s keeper saved France’s first of the second kicks! Then France missed the next kick, making it so that Argentina had to make the next kick to win. But luckily for Argentina fans the next kick was nailed in! ARGENTINA WINS! After the game the awards were given out, Messi received the golden ball, which is presented to the best player of the tournament! Mbappe received the golden boot for scoring 8 goals. And Emiliano Martinez received the golden glove award for making insane saves in the tournament and saving shots during the overtime penalty kicks!