World Cup

World Cup

Elizabeth Robbins, Reporter

This FIFA World Cup has been full of upsets and amazing wins! 12/2 was the last day of the group stages, and bracket play starts on 12/3. The top two teams of the brackets will continue on to the elimination rounds which start on 12/3. 

Run down of the brackets:

Group A:

  1. Netherlands with two wins and one tie! They beat Qatar and Senegal, then tied Ecuador. 
  2. Senegal with two wins and one loss, beating Ecuador and Qatar and losing to the Netherlands.
  3. Ecuador with one win, one loss, and a tie.  They lost Senegal, tied the Netherlands, and beat Qatar. 
  4. Qatar lost all three games! 

Group B:

  1.  England leads Group B with one tie and two wins! And their tie was to the USA which was a big surprise for both countries!
  2.  The USA has two ties and one win! Their two ties were England and Wales, and their win was against Iran.
  3.  Iran with two losses and a win!
  4.  Wales with two losses and one tie! Wales tied the USA which was an upset for many U.S. fans as the USA was expected to win that game. 

Group C:

  1. Argentina with two wins and one loss! They lost to Saudi Arabia which was a big upset, Argentina was ranked really well and was expected to easily win the game.
  2. Poland with one loss, one tie, and one win!
  3. Mexico with one loss, one tie, and one win! 

When two teams tie with records, then you would check to see who won the match because the team that won will get seeded higher. But if it’s a tie you go to goals for, goals against, and goal difference. For most soccer tournaments you use goals for but some tournaments are starting to use goal difference so teams aren’t crushing teams 10+ to 0. Poland and Mexico have the same record so the only reason Poland is ahead of them is because Poland has less goals against so their goal difference is greater than Mexico’s. 

  1. Saudi Arabia with two losses and one win! Saudi Arabia beat Argentia which was a huge upset! 

Group D:

  1. France with two wins and one loss! 
  2. Australia with two wins and a loss! 
  3. Tunisia with one win, one loss, and one tie! 
  4. Denmark with two losses and one tie! 

Group E:

  1. Japan won their bracket with a win, a loss and another win!
  2. Spain got second and also qualified for the final 16 with a loss, a tie and a win.
  3. Germany came in third with a win, a tie and a loss.
  4. Finally, Costa Rica came in forth with a loss, a win and a loss.

Group F:

  1. Morocco with two wins and one tie!
  2. Croatia with two draws and one win!
  3. Belgium with one win, one tie, and one loss!
  4. Canada with three losses. 

Group G:

  1. Brazil with two wins and one loss!
  2. Switzerland with two wins and one loss!

Brazil beat Switzerland in the bracket because Switzerland lost to Brazil.

  1. Cameroon with one win, one loss, and one tie! Cameroon beat Brazil in their last game, Brazil had already secured their place in the final 16 so it was a throw away game and a chance to play some other players. Vincent Aboubakar scored the goal and right after he scored he got red carded from the game for taking off his shirt. In a FIFA game you get an automatic yellow card if you take off your shirt, and he already had a yellow card.
  2. Serbia with two losses and one tie! 

Group H:

  1. Poland with one loss and two wins! Poland lost to South Korea which was a huge upset. 
  2. South Korea with one win, one loss, and one tie! 
  3. Uruguay with one win, one loss, and one tie! 

South Korea went ahead of Uruguay in the bracket because they had more goals for! 

  1. Ghana with two losses and one win! 

The top two teams from every bracket made it to the elimination rounds! Here is the bracket so far:

The brackets will continue to be filled in and can be found if you google FIFA World Cup 2022, then go to the bracket tab. 

Here are the big games of the bracket play so far:

  • Japan vs. Croatia, Japan was favored over Croatia! But in an exciting game they tied with one point per team! Then it went to extra time, and with no score it went to pk kicks where Croatia won 3 -1! 
  • Brazil beat South Korea 4 -1! Brazil is expected to take the whole cup, but the defending champions, France, are ready to fight for their title!