Monthly Debate – December


Mandy Roth and Olive Spohn

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Day or Night?


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Olive: I prefer the night over the day for a few main reasons. The first reason that I like night time is because of how dark and calm it is. The night can be so peaceful and nice, as it calms down, and you can be left alone with your thoughts. Another reason that I like the night is because you don’t have any responsibilities at night. You can read, you can listen to music, you can sleep, and no one will care. I believe that night is the perfect time to unwind and just relax. (Not to mention how cool it is to spot an owl). 


Mandy: Let’s be honest: not many people like getting out of bed. That being said, I believe that day is the best. When you wake up in the morning, you’re free, you have a whole day ahead of you, a day full of new chances and opportunities. When you wake up you’re refreshed and ready for an amazing day. We spend most of the night sleeping but we actually live and thrive in the day. The sun which you have only in the day lets you see cool things a lot better than you could at night. Day is full of hope and fun and that’s why I believe it is superior to night.