Flooding Update – The Portables Open

Flooding Update - The Portables Open

Elizabeth Robbins and Maya Rokhlenko

The portables that are replacing the flooded classrooms of Ms. Frazier and Ms. Miller just opened after a slight delay! After having to jump from class to class for two months, these two teachers have finally got a place to stay. Along with that, our French teacher, Ms. Spagnoletti is in the portables as well, mostly in the portable of Ms. Frazier. The students and teachers are glad to finally be in a permanent class for the first time in two months and finally have a sense of normalcy! The portables have a very large capacity and even built-in shelves, which is very convenient for a quick move in. There are coat hooks for when it gets snowy and cold for jackets, hats, and sweatshirts. Though this makes the middle school basketball court currently unavailable, we are so lucky that this went so quickly. A great big thank you to all who aided this process!!