Chinese Citizens Protesting Against China’s Zero-Covid Policy

Chinese Citizens Protesting Against Chinas Zero-Covid Policy

Bella DeNicholas, Editor

Chinese citizens have been protesting for multiple days to get more “freedom.” The Chinese government has issued a policy where if one has COVID-19, they must stay home and lockdown. The Communist Party’s of China have been tightening their grip on how they handle these situations, and everyday life. Many have fought not only to be freed from “Incessant Covid tests, and lockdowns” but also from the tight grip China’s leaders hold. The protests are most commonly held in famous cities and even universities. Crowds of thousands shout “Give me liberty or give me death!” What prompted this rebellion among many was the deadly fire in Urumqi. The apartment caught on fire last Thursday, and killed at least 10 people, and injured 9 more. Many, if not all, of the residents would’ve survived if it weren’t for China’s lockdown policy. The many lockdown measures kept firefighters from getting to the building, causing these horrific deaths. After this event had occurred, Chinese government officials assured the citizens that they would slowly get rid of certain rules and regulations following the lockdown procedures, but citizens were not told the time frame it would take to get rid of them. Many protests are still going around all of China, but Chinese universities have sent college students home in order to prevent more protests. “With police out in force, there was no word of protests Tuesday in Beijing,” says one source. Although the protests have become less and less, they are still going around all of China. Stay tuned for more information.