December New Teacher Feature – Mr. Masterson!

December New Teacher Feature - Mr. Masterson!

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

What grade are you teaching and subject? – “I’m teaching 6th grade Science, and I also teach the Mythbusters and Forensic Science essentials.”


Where are you originally from? – “I was born and raised here in Colorado! However, I did spend a few years growing up in New Jersey too.”


What do you like to do in your free time? – “I have lots of different hobbies! Video games, Dungeons & Dragons, writing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, making music, photography… I do a little bit of everything. I’m actually in the middle of making my own tabletop RPG to play with my friends!”


How long have you been teaching (at any school)? – “I officially started as a temporary teacher for the Spring 2022 semester at Northglenn Middle. However, my first FULL year of teaching at a school will be here at Flagstaff Academy!”


What college did you go to? – “I attended the University of Colorado Boulder and got my Bachelors in Geology. I also spent an extra semester there to get my STEM Teaching Certificate.”


Anything else you would like to share? – “I’ve absolutely loved working here at Flagstaff Academy so far! I hope to teach here for many more years to come! :]”